Our art school was founded in 2016.
The school specializes in various art disciplines including painting, drawing, composition, arts and crafts and sculpture. Therefore, students can develop their artistic potential in a variety of areas.
We provide tuition for both those who are just beginning their journey in the arts and those who already have some experience and are looking to prepare for art schools and colleges. This is an important opportunity to develop talented artists.


Why choose Art School?

An academic foundation in drawing and painting, as well as a specially developed program based on the five core art school subjects, will help students develop their skills and prepare for entry to art schools. This provides a wide range of opportunities for artistic development.
Our school is staffed by qualified teachers with an art background and experience working with children. Professional tutors can greatly contribute to the development of students' artistic abilities and help them achieve outstanding results. The school provides a supportive environment for artistic learning.
The individualized approach to learning and the opportunity to choose the form of instruction and workload from the age of three and a half to 18 years is an important aspect of each child's development. This allows the learning process to be adapted to the individual needs and abilities of each student. This approach helps to maximize the children's creative potential.
A good culmination of each year of schooling is the annual Children's Showcase, a wonderful event where you can see the growth and achievements of your students. It is a great opportunity for them to showcase their artistic skills and creative work. It is also important for motivating and inspiring other students.
An impressive collection of artwork is on exhibition. Our students represent different styles and forms of art, which is a great way to showcase their creative diversity. These exhibitions not only help to maintain an interest in art, but also to develop students' skills in different areas of art.
The main goal of the art school is to develop children's creative abilities and create a favorable environment for self-discovery and self-realization. 
The educational process is based on the concept of "from simple to complex" methodology. Students gain practical experience by studying real drawing, painting and composition, applying the basic concepts of design. This method promotes creative thinking and serves to reinforce the conceptual and spatial visualization of the aesthetic environment.


A Legendary Community

Teaching at Crown Art is one of those places where you learn something new from your students every day. I have a greate opportunity to impove myselfe like an artist.

Donna Skinner

At Crown Art School we are teaching different art techniques to students of all ages. During my lessons I try to bring out the inner artists of students to help build their skills.

Travis Fimmel

I love teaching and interacting with students. It’s so fascinating to share all my experience and knowledge with this talented people!

Paula Patton

My favourite part of my day is talking to students; it’s so exciting as each student is completely unique with their own story and their own motivations for taking art classes.

Anna Galvin