Tablet Drawing & Sketching

Show your imagination.
Сome. try, stay. And your life will change!


Everyone can sketching

Make the jump from paper to screen and learn to draw on a graphic tablet or your computer. Explore a range of creative techniques and exercises that will help you develop your artistic skills. Understand the uses of digital illustration with some basic guidelines for working and preparing your final work. This course is an introduction to digital painting and color composition for film and animation. Course work will cover color theory, perspective, and the use of brushes & textures.

Rectangle 146 (3)


We provide everything you need

Group 120

Create Sculpture

Together we choose a painting, or two, or a culpture for creating. The mentor shows us and helps us

Group 110


More than 2 hours of wonderful, relaxing time, creating art, communicating with nice people.

Drawing is not only creativity-it is overcoming your fears, shyness, doubts.
Drawing has changed our lives and you will also see the result very soon.

4 lessons/month


or $30/1 lesson

8 lessons/month


or $30/1 lesson

12 lessons/month


or $30/1 lesson

Entry to Marina Krutko art school

    Both children and adults can study at Marina Krutko’s art school. At any age you can discover the amazing world of drawing. Amazing atmosphere in a small cozy Studio, new friends and of course, oil, acrylic, pencils, watercolor, pastel, charcoal…

    Do you think it takes talent, perseverance, a complicated technique? Nothing like that! Only desire and mood!